Call to Action-4th annual day of solidarity with PR 6/22

La Borinquena y Don Hector


In honor of our Nation, we appropriately commence the program with Don Hector leading us with his rendition of La Borinquena, the authentic version written by Lola Rodriguez de Tio.

Call to Action Statement/Nina Droz


Lorraine Liriano Chavez reads a statement on behalf of Call to Action regarding Puerto Rican Independence and also reads a heartfelt letter sent to her by PR political prisoner, Nina Droz.

Jocelyn Velazquez, Jornada: SALP


Jocelyn Velazquez of Jornada: Se Acabaron Las Promesas talks about the resistance and the calls for independence launched by the youth in Puerto Rico in the effort to save our country.

Maria de Lourdes Santiago, PIP


Maria de Lourdes Santiago of el Partido Independencia Puertorriqueno gave an impassioned talk about the state of Puerto Rico, the need for national liberation and collective solidarity.

Eliezer Molina, Movt. de Conciencia


Eliezer Molina of Movimiento de Conciencia spoke to the need for self sufficiency and his project of an agro-economy for the achievement of self reliance, sustainability, export and national liberation.

Judy Sheridan, NYS Nurses Assoc.


Judy Sheridan-Gonzalez, President of the NYS Nurses Association spoke about the current state of Puerto Rico's medical affairs and the need for liberation to achieve better outcomes.

recap of the independence contingent march on june 9, 2019

Lolita Lebron's Family Leads


It was only fitting that on this Centennial celebration of Lolita Lebron's birth, the Independence Contingent, over 400 people strong,  was lead down 5th Ave by Lolita Lebron's family.

Las Lolitas


A group of very powerful Puerto Rican women who have celebrated Lolita's life in preparation for her Centennial birthday appropriately follow the family with Dignity, Grace and Determination. 

El Frente


El Frente leads affiliated and non-affiliated Independence Organizations.  Groups from New York, Boston, Western Mass, Connecticut and Puerto Rico, amongst others, rallied together in solidarity.

Why We March Reasons Showcased


We believe that if the people are presented with the truth, the vast majority will opt for Independence.  For that reason, we developed our Educational component and main idea of the march - 200 Reasons: Why We March for Independence.

'Marchamos' Banner down 5th Ave


We created a 30 foot banner to extend the width of 5th Ave.  The banner, while moving, stands at about 13 feet high.  We wanted our message to be loud and clear:  We March for Independence!

Las Lolitas give the Signal


When Las Lolitas reached the red carpet at 68th Street, they turned around and lifted their fists which signaled everyone to lay down on the floor for our symbolic 'Die In.'

The Die In


We did a Die In to symbolize all of the lives we've lost because of colonization.  We 'died' in honor of our lost heroes who struggled for Independence, and we 'died' in remembrance of the 4600 lives lost due to the US response after Hurricane Maria.

Las Lolitas give the Signal to Rise


At the signal from Las Lolitas, the entire contingency rose again signifying our inevitable rebirth in a post colonial and Independent Puerto Rico.  What We Demand is our Freedom!

Patria o muerte!

A Community behind Independence


As we marched down 5th Avenue, the response from our Puerto Rican brothers and sisters was quite clear: The people's desire for Independence is growing and getting stronger. As we mobilize, we are comforted in knowing we will prevail because our fight is moral, our cause is just and our people are valiant.  Que Viva Puerto Rico Libre!

el frente marches at sunset park on june 9

Following the Puerto Rican Day Parade in Manhattan, affiliated organizations of Frente Independentista Boricua headed to Sunset Park, Brooklyn to march at the 5th Annual Sunset Park Puerto Rican Parade and Festival.

In addition to marching in front of a great crowd, affiliated El Frente Organizations were proud to support Lorraine Liriano Chavez of A Call to Action and Frente Independentista Boricua, one of the honorees and longtime resident and activist of Sunset Park.

Rafael Agosto-Miranda of New York Boricua Resistance said, "It's crucial we engage with the community in local events as we continue to build not just coalitions, but a movement to achieve our objective of an independent Puerto Rico."  Rafael added, "We oppose imperialism in all its form from Puerto Rico to the Philippines and we stand in solidarity with all oppressed people."  

Also present in Sunset Park were members of Comite del PIP de NY, A Call to Action and Puerto Rico me Llama, amongst others.  Que Viva Puerto Rico Libre.


Video recap of the 2019 Sunset Park Parade and Festival on June 9, 2019.


This short documentary, A Fight For Life, discusses the lethal effects of the toxic AES ashes on the Puerto Rican people and the fight Puerto Ricans are waging against this injustice.

Video short from Democracy Now regarding the toxic ashes in Puerto Rico