Do you believe in Puerto Rican Independence?

If you believe in Puerto Rican Independence, welcome!  Membership in, or participation in the Independence cause can take many forms.  Everyone needs to evaluate for themselves their level of engagement based upon their life's circumstances.  If you can only have minimal engagement, we suggest you stay informed through this website and be a part of the Frente general membership. With your email submission, El Frente will send you our newsletter(s) and we will notify you of events which may be of interest.  We also ask you consider assisting the movement financially, as the cause for Puerto Rican Independence is not funded by any government, multi-national, NGO, non-profit, religious institution, political party or any other organized entity.  

If you would like to have direct engagement, we ask you to also join one of our affiliated organizations.  While El Frente is an organization of organizations, most of the affiliated organizations are open to direct membership and all of these organizations are doing excellent work to advance the movement.  NY Boricua Resistance, as an example, is based in New York City, does ongoing community outreach, and is spearheaded by dedicated comrades who are actively looking to grow their roster.  Besides New York, Boricua Resistance has chapters in Chicago and another in the NorthWestern part of the United States.

Other organizations, like a Call to Action, address a multitude of issues facing Puerto RIco, while ProLibertad is more issue specific.  These organizations may focus on a particular issue(s) you may want to engage in within the context of Puerto Rican Independence.

Still another organization, PIP (Partido Independentista Puertorriqueno) is a Puerto Rican political organization who engages in the current Puerto RIco electoral process, while the Nationalist Party does not engage in the existing electoral political process as they believe the process is unjust and is a part of the colonial framework.

Regardless of your level of engagement, we wholeheartedly welcome you!  Your participation in the Independence cause is crucial - the only way we are going to be successful in this fight is for the Independence cause to hit critical mass and exponentially grow as a movement.  It is the only way we are going to truly be able to say:  Que Viva Puerto Rico Libre.

Thank you,


Membership Organizational Options

To find affiliated organizations that may be congruent with your thoughts,  press here.

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