We are a chapter of Boricua Resistance, a national alliance of organizations among the diaspora in the United States committed to an independent Puerto Rico free from the current colonial, imperialist, capitalist system we are under and instead working toward a more sustainable system that benefits the majority of Puerto Ricans rather than an elite few. We believe that the diaspora and Boricuas in the archipelago are inextricably linked, as the diaspora is the result of forced migration due to over a century of economic crisis and political repression caused by our colonial status.

Our four principles which guide us are: 1. Decolonization, 2. International solidarity with all oppressed peoples from Palestine to the Philippines and anywhere else 3. The diaspora as integral to the fight for Puerto Rican independence and 4. Liberation as a human right by any means necessary.

If you are interested in becoming a member or if you are interested in starting a chapter of Boricua Resistance in your state or city you can email us at nyboricuaresistance@gmail.com